General questions

Every few minutes is the default setting for most events. Typical updates are every 3-4 minutes. For shorter events the trackers speed can be turned up to be more frequent.
The battery lasts at least 16 hours as configured for a full-distance triathlon, like IRONMAN events. The speed of the updates determine how long the battery can last.
Only if you protect it and if you want it to report your position, find a place where it is out of the water most of the time. It is not water proof. It is water resistant. Getting it wet on the bike or run is fine, but don't dunk it in water.
USD $100. We will refund this fee if the tracker is found within 30 days.
The best way is to return it right after the event at the finish area or the next morning if your event has a celebration event then. Failing those two it is possible to mail the tracker back to us in a padded envelope (address below). We must get the tracker back within 14 days of the event or we will charge the lost/replacement fee.

Map questions

  • It may be your data connection. Especially when there are a lot of cell phones in the area - which often happens at a race - the cell data networks may be bogged down. Please wait to load the map and do not refresh or reopen the link unless the page load has completely stalled.
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