Everyone can be part of the race

Track your athlete. Know exactly where and when to find them on the race course.

For Family, Friends & Fans

Relax and cheer for your athlete from... anywhere!

No app required! Just use a web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Know how well your athlete is performing at any moment - whether they're going fast, slowing down, or taking a break

Get automatic live updates of speed, location & direction for cycling and running courses - every few minutes.

Know exactly where to find your athlete with an intuitive visual map, and never miss a crucial moment again!

Specially customized to the race course, our maps include visual cues and mile markers to help you easily locate your athlete

View all your athlete friends at the same time, on the same screen.

You can view several athletes on the same map to see how they're doing in comparison to each other, just let us know that you're in the same group, and we'll put them on the same map!

Spend less time waiting around during a race, and more times connecting with your athlete.


For athletes

It's small & lightweight

How small & light exactly?

It's also really user-friendly

Reserve your tracker for an upcoming event