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Tracker worked amazingly! Made it so much easier for my husband to track me throughout the race so he could get out ahead of me and be there to cheer me on and give me moral support! Definitely money well spent and the customer support and service is TOP NOTCH! Will definitely rent for future events as well!

Shannon Elizabeth
IRONMAN Boulder 2018

Great product! Raced IM Boulder yesterday and my family was able to see me and my progress throughout the day, not to mention my friends online. Worth the money for sure!

Jacob Paul Casias
IRONMAN Boulder 2018

What a great device!

Family and friends sooo appreciated it. And it allowed them to maximize their time at the local watering hole, instead of standing on one foot and then the other waiting for their straggling athlete to come along.

Well, except for the time that it appeared that I had begun to go backwards on the course.

But not the fault of the device! Just a steep hill where progress nearly ground to a halt.

Ironman is not really a great spectator sport because of the long waits… this makes it far more enjoyable…!!

Greg Stannard
IRONMAN Canada and oh btw Kona qualifier…(!) 2017

Everything worked great in Nice France this past Sunday - thank you so much for your help. Some things went sideways on the run during the event and we literally wouldn't have a show if it weren't for your tracker.

Eban Hathaway
IRONMAN France 2017

I hope you will be back for next year's STP.

The tracking device was a boon for friends and relatives that wanted to know how I was doing. Money well spent!


Gordon Coale
STP 2017

I met Seth and was convinced to try the Beacon tracking at the half-iron distance in Fort Worth. My family said it was incredibly easy to pinpoint my location and predict my transition and finishing times (the GPS signal is constant updating and sharing location via the really cool map.)

The best part was seeing a few unexpected friends meet me as I finished - they were at work but knew precisely when I'd be crossing, so they popped by for a few minutes (versus having to spend hours following me through my wife's updates and navigating road closures.)

I'm a believer in Beacon!

Carlo Capua
Tri Fort Worth 2017

The tracker was fantastic! Lots better than the one we used last year. We loved that you just had to click on the link and our runner popped up. Easy to follow all day.  Our family from out of state loved following too. And, since it gave updates every 1-3 minutes, we could easily find our runner/dad/husband with accuracy and find him on the course. We were able to drive/walk and cheer him on 12+ times throughout the day. Great product! Thanks for letting us enjoy the day tracking our Ironman!

Kellie Strege
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

This was a reasonably priced tracker that my family loved using at IMAZ, if I could reserve a tracker for every event for the year I would.

Liisa Travis
IRONMAN Arizona 2016

Thank you for providing the tracking service for the Chattanooga Ironman. Your tracking device was a god-send. My family was able to track me accurately for support, encouragement and great pictures during the race. I was also able to send the link to friends and family that could not be there and they were able to track accurately and tune in to the Ironman finish to watch me cross the line. I would highly recommend the tracking system for all athletes.

Mark Hulbert
IRONMAN Chattanooga 2016

Just a note thanking you and Seth. You both work so hard to provide this service. And I'm so grateful for it. I had open heart surgery 3 months ago and up until a month ago didn't know I could survive both travel and all the walking trying to catch a peak of Andy's progress. But this gizmo makes it so much easier. Although I did get out and walk a lot, I could have very easily stayed in the hotel, rest, and time my peeks with the device. I none the less had peace of mind and a little safety net.

See ya in Chatanooga 🏃

Melodie Garrobo
IRONMAN Arizona 2016

This my third purchase of BAT and as usual absolutely awesome. I love the real time tracking of my athlete and in a brutal rain storm (Houston) I was able to track him at all times and be assured he was comfortably racing at a reasonable pace. For this race, having the device was a necessity. had a very serious surgery 3 months ago and the tracker made my ability to catch a glimpse of my athlete so much easier. Otherwise I would have stayed in the hotel. I never would have been able to time his finish. And being at that finish line is the thrill for spectators, right? Perfect for family and friends who can't be on the course to support. Seth thank you so much!

Melodie Garrobo
IRONMAN Texas 2016

Thanks. Beacon worked great and allowed my family to easily track my progress and be ready to cheer as I came by. No surprises.

Michael Peters
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

I trained hard for my first ever Ironman at the age of 64. Not knowing what to expect I took a chance and let my friends know that I was going to compete. Of course there was the chance of complete failure, but what the hell.

I'm lucky. My work has taken me all over the world. I have made many international friends. They were now aware that I was training for an Ironman and they were eager to follow my adventure. Beacon Athlete Tracking made that possible. I sent my tracking info in a mass e-mail to all my friends; near and far.

At the end of my Ironman day (which went surprisingly well for me) I was so happy when I crossed the line. But that was augmented with all the comments I received soon after. My friends were tracking me all day. Some in Eastern Europe stayed up into the morning hours. Those in Asia set their alarm to check on me. Friends in Central America tracked my progress while they were watching their soccer teams play. I was stunned at how many tuned in and then kept watching until the end. Made me feel like I was actually a real athlete.

Thank you Beacon. My experience was great to start with but you stepped it up a notch. My friends in town came out onto the course to cheer me on as I was approaching. Those farther away thrilled me with their added praise at the end. So many of my friends said that they felt like they were right there with me. Of course I did not know that at the time. But next time I will. And who knows that may motivate a new PR.

Thank you so much,

IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

We loved it! Super helpful and made spectating more enjoyable.

Pat Conway
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

The tracker worked great!  I missed the cut off for the second loop in Verona so my race was over and didn't have my cell phone to all my parents, but they had theirs and they could track me all the way back to Madison and we found each other there!  The tracker also worked great out on the course, I saw my parents a few times out on the bike course and they said if it wasn't for the tracker they wouldn't of been there!

So thank you for the tracker it worked great!

Noah Brooks-Motl
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

It's amazing. Definitely recommend and will use for future races for our daughter. We used it at Ironman world championships in Kona.

Pattie Larson
IRONMAN Kona 2016

The tracker proved invaluable to our friends following us in real time both at the event and at home. Worth every penny!

Renae Wright
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

We used the tracker at Ironman Canada. For my wife and sis in law and crew it worked great - they knew where I was the whole way and made connecting on course a breeze - definitely makes it better for the support team.

Scott Woodman
IRONMAN Canada 2016

The Beacon Tracker is awesome!! My family and friends used it to track me at Ironman Arizona They knew where I was on the course all day and could move to different spots to cheer and encourage me through out the long day. I also had friends and relatives from Canada to San Diego tracking me and they loved seeing my progress along the course!! My family has used other tracking devices in my previous Triathlons and they said the Beacon was the best and most accurate tracking system they have used.

Shawna Howard
IRONMAN Arizona 2016

Tracking our son was easy and so worthwhile.  When he was unable to continue the race, we knew something was wrong since the tracker showed him stopped.  Thank you so much.  This is a valuable asset for such difficult races.

Suzy Verhelst
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

Just used Beacon Athlete Tracking at Ironman Maryland and had a great experience. As an Athlete, it was a no brainer. Turn it on after the swim, pop it in a pocket and off I went. The real time tracking allowed my wife and family to follow me online and help in planning their day and the kids loved watching me progress through the course. Bet of all, the personalized attention by Christy and their attention to detail made the experience awesome for me and my family.

Tim Cross
IRONMAN Maryland 2016

What a fabulous way to track my husband during Ironman Boulder Colorado!! My hubby is a below knee amputee, but there's no stopping him. This particular race was a near miss though. As a physically challenged handler, the beacon was a lifesaver. I noticed Chris slowed up tremendously at about mile 4 on the run course, so I rode my bike out to check on him. He was having prosthetic leg fit issues. He continued walking the course while I went back to the truck for a different leg, tools, and changing gear. I was able to track him and catch back up to him within 30 minutes or so. He changed out legs and pushed forward through the race. That difference in reaction time allowed him to finish the race within the qualifying time! Thank you!

Natalie Madison
IRONMAN Boulder 2016

I just used Beacon for IMWI and would recommend it for anyone doing a race. It allowed my family/race support to track me live and be literally everywhere. I was able to see them multiple times on each leg of IM and it was amazing. I also had a number of friends and family following my progress live from home. Each of them said it was a great experience and they enjoyed being able to see the information provided.

Joshua Zilm
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

I am so grateful I rented your tracker!  I heard from several friends that IM app wasn't working yesterday.  The best part was my husband and friends there and out of state knew exactly when I was coming in to finish.  Out of state friends signed into the IM site to see me finish!

I'll definitely recommend your tracker to others!

Karen Putnam
IRONMAN North Carolina 70.3 2016

THANK YOU! I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your services. It made the world of a different to be able to know where my husband was at each mile and be able to plan accordingly. This being his 7th Ironman I have spent plenty in tears, frustrated not knowing if he had passed me, was still coming or had run into trouble. The tracking was timely, helpful and a resource I will gladly invest in for future races.

Abby Ruppel
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

Picking up my tracker was such an easy process. I reserved through Facebook about a week before Ironman Wisconsin and it was ready for me when I arrived at the booth. My family said that the tracker worked great. I was able to see my family and friends many times during the race since your tracker was much more accurate than the official Ironman tracker. Thanks for your services! I will be using you at my next long-distance race!

Adina Rubin
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

I didn't get to see but I was using it and everyone following me said it was the best tracker that was being used.

I'd say that the actual race needs to be programed into the tracker so people know what mile you are on but that me being picky.

I'll use it again.

Jimmy Mccubbins
IRONMAN Texas 2016

Thanks for your tracker. I was able to track my wife Teri Abrahamzon at the Arizona Ironman and the real time GPS on the app, with the map enabled us to be in various locations in time to cheer her on to her 2nd place finish in her division. Your App is the BEST!  Keep doing what you're doing, it's so useful and user friendly.

Thanks Again

Bert Abrahamzon and family
IRONMAN Arizona 2016

My family and friends loved that I used Beacon for #IMAZ last week, it was reliable and they knew where I was throughout my day! I will definitely use you guys from here on out!!

Jim Von Hipple
IRONMAN Arizona 2016

Thank you so much to Beacon Tracking for making my IRONMAN Wisconsin experience as amazing for my friends and family as it was for me! Pick up and understanding the device were both very easy! Everyone at the Beacon booth was extremely friendly and truly want to make the best experience for all athletes. They even give you a paper to put in your transition bag to remind you to turn it on before going!

My friends and family were easily able to pinpoint me on the course throughout the day and felt at ease with making sure they were at the right spot at the right time to see me for those few precious seconds as I went by. Your tracking device was not only extremely helpful to everyone at the course on race day but also to those at home who were unable to attend. Everyone said it made them feel as if they were with me on the course and loved being able to see where as was accurately. They had a tent set up at the finish line that was easy to find and didn't get in the way of the celebration. :)

Thank you again! I couldn't have been happier with the process of use of the Beacon tracking device!

Cassie Ideran
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

Parents LOVED that I had the tracker on at Ironman Wisconsin! With the exception of a few dropout areas, they knew exactly where I was on the course and didn't have to sit waiting for me wondering if they missed me or not. DEFINITELY worth it!

Chris Scheuber
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016

Really enjoyed my Beacon at the Worlds 70.3 in Mooloolaba! My family was able to track me the entire way, even though they were 8k miles away. Thank you Seth and Christy for your support !

Christina Willis
IRONMAN Mooloolaba 70.3 2016

My husband has used Beacon to help me track him in his last 2 races. This past time in IM Canada, 3 of his friends used Beacon too. We could track all of them through the same link. I must note that the signal was lost with my husband's tracker for the last bit of the bike (lots of mountains, so I can't blame the technology), but because the other 3 guys had them too, I could gauge where I thought he was and that helped tremendously as he came into T2 right as I figured. The tracker picked up again as he went through T2. My husband also sent the link to a few friends before the race so they could track his progress as well...saved me from all the questions on race day as to where he was and how he was making it! I will have my husband use this device in every race it is available. Thank you for helping the spectators keep tabs on our loved one during a very long day!

Jill Tomlinson
IRONMAN Canada 2016

Thanks to Christy for taking care of my Ironman athlete today! I could track him all day and was able to see and cheer for him many times.

Jennifer Nielsen-Casas
IRONMAN Arizona 2016

SO thankful for Beacon Athlete Tracking today!! This is the first race that I have not been present for to cheer my husband on. I have been able to keep an eye on his progress all day, minimal hitches. And when I did encounter a pause in the tracking, Christy was SUPER fast at getting back to me via email and checking on him! 100% Satisfied with this service!!! Thank you!!!

Connie Hale
IRONMAN North Carolina 2016

Our experience at IMAZ 2016 was flawless. Right from the get go of T1 the Beacon went active and we were in position to cheer Jenesse on. In fact, I should've been wearing a Beacon Tracker too, as our support crew traversed over 13 miles spectating the event just to intercept Jenesse on the bike and run course. This service is not only great for the supporters but the athlete too. The ability for Jenesse to see her supporters multiple times along the course spurred her on even more!

Our next IM will be in Couer d'Alene 2017. Hope to see Beacon there too.

Dennis Mellican
IRONMAN Arizona 2016

This was a great tool to track my husband and know where we could find him on the course for IMAZ! It made finding him on the course much easier with my 3 small kids in tow! I would definitely rent one again!

Andrea Buckner
IRONMAN Arizona 2015

This is a great advancement over the IRONMAN tracking tool. We used it for the first time at IM Arizona and it was much appreciated by friends and family who were following. My wife and son were easily able to find me on the course. It meant less time for them waiting and helped to make their experience better. I also think this would be great for long training rides and runs. Taking a phone with me is large and cumbersome and I can throw this in a pocket and have others know where I am and how they can find me.

Stephen Achilles
IRONMAN Arizona 2015

Thanks for being part of IM WI this year. It was good to meet you at the expo, and I was happy to use your tracker during the race. My parents in Texas weren't able to come to the race, so they had a good time watching my position online. For me, it was easy to use the device - easy to turn on (big button), easy to clip onto my kit (big, tight clip), and leave there without thinking about it (light weight). These features were all more user-friendly than the MyLapsPro device I've used in the past.

One thing that was also nice is that my on-site spectators were able to follow both me and Georgia on the same page. That's a feature that I'm sure other fans might want to use - following several athletes at the same time, on the same screen.

Thanks again for making a positive contribution to my race this year!

Dano Tyler
IRONMAN Wisconsin 2015

I have gone to all of my son's IRONMAN competitions (6) and my husband and I would always have to guess or try to figure out if we missed Jason or how long before he would pass us. It was nerve racking especially for me as a mom. But with your device you made IRONMAN number 6 an amazing experience. I always knew where my son was and that he was moving. I believe we were able to see him more times on the course because of this tracking device. Thanks for this wonderful experience.

Denise Byrd
IRONMAN Texas 2015

I tried Beacon Athlete Tracking at IM Arizona yesterday. My family loved it! IRONMAN triathlons can be a bit boring to watch, with lots of waiting around. With the tracker, my family followed my progress on the bike while on a hike near the course. After seeing me on the run, they went for coffee, shopped, and returned to the course around the time I was passing. My Mom also followed from Pennsylvania, and my Coach from California. Great product!

Dennis Woodside‎
IRONMAN Arizona 2015

The Beacon Athlete Tracker was so helpful out on the course and for family who were not able to be at the race but wanted to be involved. Family members were able to watch my husband's progress across the globe from Utah to Novosibirsk, Siberia. It was awesome to be able to share that experience with everyone in real time!!"

John S. Casko, Jr.
IRONMAN Boulder 2015

I was so impressed with the Beacon Athlete Tracker! I was able to track my husband's progress throughout his entire IM race, no matter if he was on the bike or run. I've been to a lot of competitions from local triathlons to half and full IRONMANs and this has by, byfar, the best tracker available. I've used the IM tracker and the app IMTrk. and neither one was able to give me updates at frequently as the Beacon Tracker. I was able to get some amazing pictures of my husband on the bike and the run. And I'm not talking about the back of my husband as he rode past me...I mean from the front, with him looking up...just like the professionals. Thank you, thank you, thank you Beacon Athlete Tracking. I will use you at every race.

Doreen Pellegrom‎
IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene 2015

hey Seth -

Just wanted to say how great this product was. It made a huge difference for us - we were able to see Jess so many times during each leg thanks to this tracking product. Best of luck with your business and thanks again!

Holly Grossman
IRONMAN Lake Tahoe 2015

Just wanted to let you know how well the system worked for us in following Joe in the Chattanooga IRONMAN. It was great. We were able to track location and speed so well we knew when he stopped for a bathroom break, slowed to walk or was on an up or down slope. We could have found Joe easily at any time if we were at the event and we knew where he was every minute tracking him here in NC.

Thanks for the great service Seth!

Jim & Marlene Tegeder
IRONMAN Chattanooga 2015

Best investment ever. Thx Seth! Love this toy

Melodie Garrobo
IRONMAN Boulder 2015

Seth, your product is amazing and you guys are geniuses. I double wrapped the tracker in a Trojan and shove it under my swim cap and it works great for the swim. I was willing to buy the tracker if it got wet but I knew it would work just fine. My family enjoyed the ability to track me all day. Thanks again. I'll see you next year,

Matt Kempton
IRONMAN Arizona 2015

I track and report on lots of people doing races, mostly IRONMAN but others as well. Can I just say how much their tracking stinks. If you want uninterrupted real time tracking for IMAZ so your friends and family have a true idea where you are on the course check out Beacon Athlete Tracking. I have nothing to do with the company but I track some people using them at IMCanada and it was awesome.

Liz Halloran
IRONMAN Canada 2015

Using the Beacon Tracker made our family's IRONMAN spectating experience much better than ever before. We knew exactly where to find our athlete and were able to cheer for her several times during the race. We had times in past races where we just missed seeing her or had to wait for long periods to see if she came by; this never happened with the Beacon Tracker. It is very accurate and gives updates every 1-2 minutes; we will rent it for every IRONMAN going forward.

Joe Oliver
IRONMAN Canada 2015

My experience using Beacon Athlete Tracking was fantastic. In regards to my racing experience with the device itself, carrying the device was neither difficult, nor intrusive into my racing experience. Once in T1, I quickly turned the device on and then slipped the tracker device in my rear jersey pocket where it stayed for the rest of my bike and run. As a result of the tracking, my friends and family were able to follow my progress on both the bike and the run, which allowed for them to utilize their time more wisely. They seemed to enjoy being able to visually see my location along the race course and knowing when I would be coming around the corner .

Joe Tegeder
IRONMAN Texas 2015

G'day Seth,

Kudos mate! As a support crew following my wife throughout the event, Beacon was by far the most reliable on the day.

As a fellow IT bloke, I applaud your system and even email updates. Communication is so important.

Dennis Mellican
IRONMAN Lake Tahoe 2015

My mom is scheduled to have both of her knees replaced this Fall so standing around is difficult and painful for her. Your tracker eased everything for her and my wife who was coordinating everything. Afterward, my Dad said "it was one of the most thrilling days of my life.."

I'm glad you and Derek started the company ;-). Thanks again!

John S. Casko, Jr.
IRONMAN Chattanooga 2015